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    SE October 2023 - Waiting game

    It was the fourth try for me when I got the pass.
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    SE October 2023 - Waiting game

    PA is out. I passed the lateral. No CBT for me! There was a lot of disappointment and lot of late night studying to get here but so happy. This test is a pain, but it definitely made me a better engineer for my effort. Hopefully the CBT does not change that. If you did not pass, keep...
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    SE October 2023 - Waiting game

    Same here! 🤞
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    the spring 2023 SE exam waiting game begins!

    I am betting on results coming out on 6/15/2023 (Thursday). Checked my email and the results came out on 6/15/2022 (Wednesday) and 6/15/2021 (Tuesday).
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    Where to take the SE? best review course? impressions?

    I took the AEI course and it is really good and prepares you well for in person exam and gives you a lot of good reference material. Watch out as the SE exam is going to be a CBT (Computer Based Test) starting in 2024, I believe and the format and length will be changing as a result. Currently...
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    SE Takers October 2022, Welcome to the suck!

    Pennsylvania is out. After not passing 3 times I finally passed the gravity portion. Getting ready for the lateral in April. If anyone is looking for a prep course go to Advanced Engineering Institute (AEI). The course really helped me a bunch from when I previously just used the PPI material.
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    Did Not Pass looking at AEI SE Class, but have questions

    Thanks all for the feedback on the AEI course. Much appreciated.
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    Did Not Pass looking at AEI SE Class, but have questions

    I took the SE Vertical Building Exam this past April and did not pass. Looking to change up how I am preparing as it was mostly based on the PPI2Pass PE Structural Reference Manual and other similar material. Looking at the AEI Class as it looks like it is highly regarded. I have a couple of...
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    PE Structural Exam to CBT 2024

    Saw in the below document NCEES is planning on changing the test into a Computer Based Test (CBT) starting in 2024. The last pencil and paper test is in Oct 2023.
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    April 2021 SE Exam Results Thread

    Yup called the Pennsylvania board about the Structural Engineering Exam
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    April 2021 SE Exam Results Thread

    Just called PA to check in on when results will be released and were told the person in the know was on PTO Friday and today. Expected to be back tomorrow.
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    SE Results are Out

    I am waiting on MA to release results.  :waiting: