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    PPI 2018 Practice Exam

    Morning Session 2 Problem #96 I can't understand why the solution divides the volume by 1000 square meters is we are not given the surface area of the anaerobic pond - is that just a standard design criterion we should have memorized?
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    About Correcting Gas Streams for Standard Conditions

    The formula in ERH uses the mol fraction of moisture, rather than the percent moisture. It seems like if the problem doesn't state to assume that the rest of the air is Nitrogen we don't need to calculate the mol fraction, which is given by multiplying the percent fraction by ((MW of H2O)/(MW of...
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    CBT prep

    I'm about to start studying for this! I'm so excited not to have to lug a bunch of textbooks in; I can only imagine this format will be easier.
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    Thoughts on School of PE vs. PPI Environmental Review Course? PPI course costs more money and I'm thinking of just buying their books and taking the SoPE course.