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  1. J

    Landed a good job in the private sector, but I'm being offered a state position...

    Typically state workers never get design experience and often just review others work. Often this leads to many issues since reviewers need experience to do their job. Get your experience in the private sector then see if you want to go to the public sector. This would help break the cycle.
  2. J

    Professional Ethics

    Now one of them shows up to bid openings and pre bids. They started handing out cards. Then the President of my company received a phone call from a client saying that I had an incident with one of their workers. I haven’t seen their worker in four years and don’t ever recall any such incident...
  3. J

    Professional Ethics

    I have a question on a recent incident where my former boss left the company without notice and started give proposals to my clients claiming that the professionals left at the company were not able to meet the clients needs. These statements were made prior to departure and undermined me as a...