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    For Sale Older CE Books for sale

    UPDATE name your price! I just want these gone. Any offer accepted.
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    For Sale Older CE Books for sale

    Ok going through storage and found a bunch of older Civil books in GREAT Condition! Willing to sell the entire bunch for $100+shipping. - No Splitting this up take it all or nothing. 1. Civil Engineering Reference Manual - 10ed - virtually new - less than 5 markings and spine is still new. 2...
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    Greetings - Saying Hello

    Greetings, Christopher B here. Got my EIT junior year of ME BS degree. Heard that in in some states they takes and if pass they take the ME PE exam the next year (i.e when doing practice problems have had 4 years of practice). Gain the experience and then submit exam pass, experience, etc...
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    For Sale Mechanical PE study materials

    Hi Is this still available?