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    Passed Civil PE - Transportation CBT - 2nd Attempt - Here's my Advice

    Congratulations! Is the CERM provided in the exam easy to use? Also, is it exactly the same as the one available on NCEES website for download? I heard that in the Breadth Session you don't have many equations handy so need to either memorize or know them well. Wondering if that's true?
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    Repeat Takers Strategies - Civil PE CBT

    Thanks, are you planning to take it again? Any strategy for retaking?
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    Repeat Takers Strategies - Civil PE CBT

    Great! I'm also looking for some guidelines for second attempt WRE/ ENV. Tried my first attempt in October 2021 and failed big time 36/80. I have lot of study materials and thought of self studying would be enough for first attempt but now thinking that it was a bad idea. Everyone who passed is...
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    PE - WRE Books For Sale

    Hi, are the books still available?
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    PE Environmental Prep Material for Sale

    Hi, are any of the books still available?