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    Professional Engineer PE Exam Mechanical Engineering Study Manuals & Videos

    That's great! Having cheap studying materials is always great. I also would recommend reaching out drexelbrook customer service and see if they have some more of those. I am sure will be useful for many here, right?
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    Is $200 raise for software developer good?

    Definitely not bad, but again, it highly depends on your qualifications and experience. Try reaching out to taskade customer service and have an honest conversation with them about it. In my opinion they might be able to help.
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    How to find Freelancing Opportunities

    There are some freelance platforms, were you register (for a little fee or without it) and can download your cv, personal preferences etc. Besides that i would get in touch with the chatdesk customer service and see if they might have an idea how to find those jobs.
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    Christmas / Seasonal Decorations

    What about this year? Anyone has some decent decorations?
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    Here is an update now. I've tried couple of different methods and solved the issue
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    Thanks a lot!
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    Ho everyone , I am Edmond. Was reading this forum for a while now a finally decided to register. I have a question if someone knows a way to recover files from Crucial SSD Appreciate