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  1. Rafis

    NCEES Practice Exam #12

    The errata revised the multiple choices so A is the The Three Positive sequence Voltage phasors instead of the Zero Sequence current phasors, making the solution description correct.
  2. Rafis

    Help with Max Demand Sample PE Exam Question

    This is my understanding of the problem: Only max average demand is registered: t=15min: Average: 25kw | Max remains at 35 kW t=30min: Average: (50-25)/2+25=37.5 | New Max 37.5 kW t=45min: Average: {[(75-50)/2+(75-50)/2]/2}+50=62.5kW | New Max at 62.5 kW t=60min: Average: 50KW | Max...
  3. Rafis

    2 Wattmeter Method Question

    For the wattmeter circuit below [Question from Graffeo #74], which is the truest? Per the solution the answer is (C) But I am unable to arrive at that answer. I thought that: W1=VAC*IA*cos(θ-30) W2=VBC*IB*cos(θ+30) so; a) Check if W1=0 >>>cos(60-30)=0.86 : FALSE b) Check if W2=0...
  4. Rafis

    Graffeo Exam 35: Backup Protection

    OP my understanding is that in a power system you have to clear the fault, you don't know what feeds are going out to BKR 7 and 6; they might be connected to another station for all that you know which is why you need to trip a breaker on the right of BKR 4. Per the solution of 2,7,6. It means...
  5. Rafis

    FE EXAM General Question

    I have very limited knowledge on the Exam, from what I learned is that the exam held electronically.   What I want to know is whether we would be provided a blank hard copy paper in order to do our calculation while taking the exam?