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  1. kevo_55

    SE's (or aspiring SE's), What Kind of Work Do You Do?

    I do low rise buildings (mostly wood), foundations, and quite a bit of mixed metal jobs. Granted I got my SE before the current NCEES SE exam was out, I'm quite glad that I got it. (Yeah, I had to take four (4) 8 hour tests.) If anyone is on the fence about trying for getting their SE or not...
  2. kevo_55

    PE Seal & Stamp

    I seem to remember that we had a digital seal topic a few years ago. I will say that it isn't an issue at my company. The digital signature company that we use locks down a PDF pretty good. Other people can stamp the document without invalidating the original signature. It sure beats signing a...
  3. kevo_55

    Baseball 2022

    No, just the blackouts for MLB. I have a subscription for this season (it was free) and every Twins game is a blackout for me. It looks like I'm going to have to get a VPN. Either that or I'm going to be a Yankees fan.
  4. kevo_55

    Baseball 2022

    All I can say is that blackouts suck. That's all.
  5. kevo_55

    Last thing watched on netflix / Amazon..................

    I watched Dune on HBO Max last weekend. Overall, it was not bad. The visual effects were really good. I didn't really understand what was going on for the first hour of the movie though. Then again, I never read the book and I vaguely remember the older Dune movie with Sting in it.
  6. kevo_55

    Random Topics 3.1

    It's an extra cup of coffee kind of day today.......
  7. kevo_55

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    You need some support on that PVC. My old sump pump was just a 1/3 hp and it would move a bit when it was working. My current setup is a 1/2 hp for the AC main sump. Before, it would really move when it pumped. So much I would need to tighten the check valve every now and then. Is that concrete...
  8. kevo_55

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I've got one of those Barracuda sump pump setups. It's pretty slick but you'll need a deep cycle battery for it. I bought a 100 amp hour ones and that sucker is heavy. You'll only need one check valve for water going out. They already have a check valve in the backup DC sump pump. Just make...
  9. kevo_55

    Football 2021 (NFL / NCAA)

    Didn't even watch it at all.
  10. kevo_55

    ~~**-- The Weather Thread --**~~

    Well, that groundhog saw his shadow today. Thank god he's only right 40% of the time.
  11. kevo_55

    Football 2021 (NFL / NCAA)

    Well, hell has frozen over. The Bengals are in it! All I can say is F the Rams!
  12. kevo_55

    ~~**-- The Weather Thread --**~~

    -20 degrees this morning in the Twin Cities. 🥶
  13. kevo_55

    Crystal Pepsi, Yea or nay

    I had it a few times when it first came out. It was more of a novelty I suppose. Since I hardly ever drink soda anymore, I wouldn't really care of they bought it back.
  14. kevo_55

    Movie thread

    I thought Enchanto was good as well. I watched the new Venom movie and it was terrible. I also watched the new Matrix movie. It's just so so.
  15. kevo_55

    Favorite Holiday Tradition

    Watching National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation with the family.
  16. kevo_55

    Steak knifes...

    We rarely eat steak at my house, so our steak knives are Target level. Now since my wife can cook, our cooking knives are those Shun ones. Expensive but they are the best set if knives we ever owned.
  17. kevo_55

    Hard Rock Hotel construction site collapse in New Orleans

    They used W6x20 columns on the top floors? WTF were they thinking?? I have never seen something so small in a multi-story building.
  18. kevo_55

    Transferring US PE license to Canada

    I agree that this is a scam and it costs ton on money. Unfortunately it's the game you need to play if you want to do work up there. I've been doing several jobs a year up north for my company. It more than pays for the fees but it is simply more like a being a part of a trade organization...
  19. kevo_55

    Random Topics 3.1

    That kid's mind was blown. 😄