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    February Survey Exam Results

    I used Civil surveying Review Workshop by Reza Mahallati. I think he did a good job preparing us for the exam and his practice problems were good. They were on the side of too hard for the test but that is better than the opposite.
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    February Survey Exam Results

    Congrats! I think seismic is a little more difficult but totally doable if you put in the time. I failed first go then really put in the time and second round I left the exam really confident. You go it bro! Just put in the work!
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    February Survey Exam Results

    Congrats bro! Me too! I am sooooo happy! Finally done!
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    February Survey Exam Results

    Hello! Who else is anxiously waiting for the survey exam results? I took it last week. From the previous thread it looks like the results will come out on the 12th. Please post if you get your results!
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    Welcome! I am sure your experience will be quite valuable to the group!
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    For Sale $90 CPESR - Survey Reference Manual Edition 6.2 (Oct 2022)

    I am not sure but I expect a couple of weeks.
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    For Sale $90 CPESR - Survey Reference Manual Edition 6.2 (Oct 2022)

    Yes! I just too the exam last week and need my results before I sell but I can save it for you if you like.
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    For Sale $90 CPESR - Survey Reference Manual Edition 6.2 (Oct 2022)

    Hello! I have the survey book by Reza. Are you interested?
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    California seismic exam materials

    Hello! I took Ibrahim's class only so I cannot compare to Hiner's. However, I passed the exam. I think confidence is important to bring with you on the test along with the skills you gained from the studies. Do not worry too much about your particular score on the practice exams. I think they...
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    CA Surveying Exam Results - December 2022

    Great info! Thanks for sharing! Im doing Reza now. Hopefully I get it first go.
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    For Sale Seismic Resources for sale

    $100 for all
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    For Sale Seismic Resources for sale

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    Looking for career advice!! Please help me!

    I agree with the previous post. It sounds to me like you want a change but are getting cold feet. It is natural to feel apprehensive about change. It is a personal decision to stick with your comfort zone or branch out and try something new. If you don't like the new arrangement other...
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    For Sale Seismic Resources for sale

    I just passed the Seismic Exam and ready to pass on my materials: Fundamentals of Seismic Analysis and Design of Buildings October 2019 (Current Version) Practice Exams for the California Seismic Principles Civil PE Examination 3-ring Binder with the Seismic references used for exam (everything...
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    Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams

    I passed! Just got the results a week or so ago! I have the books for sale now too if anyone is interested.
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    Only CA State exams left

    Hello! new member to the forum but regular shredder on the trails! hehe! I took the seismic last friday and I think I passed but we will see. Whose got pointers on the survey exam? Should I program a calculator? Best review courses and references?