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    Electrical Electronics Books For Sale

    I'm not sure if this is the right subforum but I'm getting rid of my PE study materials.Two main things would be big fat Camara book as well as the sample exam that comes with it and the NCEES Sample exam. Please PM me if interested. Thanks! -Mike
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    Schaum's outline for Digital Logic

    Use both! I love Schaums Outlines because it has a lot of problems per chapter. Use as many you want. They pretty much have topics on everything. Do you have all the books you need? I passed my PE and I'm selling my books... Woo hoo! PM me.
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    NY Certificate Date

    Does anyone know when NY Board sends the certificate?
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    Pass or Fail- Electronics Only Please

    I passed! NY on second try! Woot woot!
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    ny is out!

    NY Electrical Electronics Passed Second try!
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    I think the moderator should start deleting bogus posts starting this week. Not cool guys.
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    Post PE Electronics Share

    Bring your college text books. Microelectronic circuits by Sedra and Smith. Schaum's outlines are helpful.
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    New York is Released 12/5/13

    waiting.... last year the result was released on May 23rd I think.
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    Post PE Electronics Share

    I thought it was simpler this time around. Don't be fooled though since they threw a few curveballs in some problems. I just hate when I feel that there were simpler problems that are text book based which I actually scrambled. Overall I think it was just about the same if not easier. We'll see.
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    Overall exam- April 2014

    I took EE Electronics. I'm not even trying to remember the exam right now since it was completely different the first time I took it last April. I hope I did enough to pass though :/ I hate the self-doubt phase of Post-PE. I feel like I did all problems incorrectly.
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    Post PE Electronics Share

    Omg those design implementation question was so generic but I failed to study them :( Fourier transforms totally caught me off guard. Didn't see that one coming. This is my second try. Failed last year in April as well and took a break since I know October would be tougher to study because...
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    Post PE Electronics Share

    Hello, Now that it is all said and done, how did my fellow takers do? What were the topics that made you sweat bullets this time? I have to say I struggled on communications (again!), a little bit of practical questions since I don't do design and also some control systems problems. I felt...
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    Electrical- Electronics (Communications)

    What books are you guys using to study this broad area? Any good online reference? Slides? It seems like however I study or read up on Communications, I would not be able to cover everything. :-/
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    Electrical- Electronics Discipline

    Thanks! I don't need to study the whole handbook as I'm running out of time but I'll take a look at certain sections. :)
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    Electrical- Electronics Discipline

    Who is studying for the Electronics discipline? I'd like to know if anyone has any good resource for communications related topics especially antenna!
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    How many tries before passing?

    Soooo. I'd like to know what discipline and how many times did you have to take the PE before passing! GO!
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    PPI 7- Day Exam Cafe

    Thanks guys. I did try the 5 questions and that was pretty dumb. Not even close to the NCEES problems.
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    PPI 7- Day Exam Cafe

    Has anyone tried this? I'd like to get feedback to see if the problems in the exam cafe are worth spending 50 bucks on. Thanks! Mike
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    NCEES Exam Information Mail

    Hello, To those who are taking the exam in April, have you received the mail with exam information yet? I haven't received mine (NY taker)
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    Repeat Takers (April and October in EE Electronics)

    Anyone here who took the EE electronics in April 2013 and retook it in October? How was the experience? Did you think you improve in terms of answering the problems? Was it harder? Did you pass in the second take?