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  1. Manufacturingman

    SE's (or aspiring SE's), What Kind of Work Do You Do?

    I own an Engineering Firm, Quanta Engineering. I do small scale Structural Engineering, but mostly focus on Mechanical Engineering, spanning multiple industries. I am currently a Mechanical PE. I have sat for the SE. It was brutal. And I studied a lot. I will probably take it again.
  2. Manufacturingman

    PE License Experience Requirements

    I agree with that assessment. We have that limitation in Kansas explicitly in the statute. But, if you were to start working after 1 year into your Master's, I'm pretty confident, they would let you get credit for that 1st year of education as credit towards the 4 yr requirement.
  3. Manufacturingman

    PE License Experience Requirements

    It's ALWAYS the state who determines it. Every state has its own nuances. Overlapping work time periods generally won't count separately though. Think of it like this: If I am working for a company 80 hrs/wk for 6 weeks, and someone else is working 40 hrs/wk for 1 company and 40hrs/wk on the...
  4. Manufacturingman

    Looking for a copy of CSA A277

    Does anyone have a copy of this code? Also, has anyone ever gone through this certification?
  5. Manufacturingman

    Transferring US PE license to Canada

    Any chance anyone has the CSA-S37-18 pdf?
  6. Manufacturingman

    Transferring US PE license to Canada

    That sucks. I am considering getting a temporary license. I would hope it would be faster.
  7. Manufacturingman

    Transferring US PE license to Canada

    First and foremost, you would be looking at licensing is a specific province, not the whole country. It's kind of crazy to me how their PE process works. The PE process here in the US is much more stringent than what I've read in Ontario, for example. A Canadian PE is almost guaranteed not to...
  8. Manufacturingman

    Canadian Building Codes and Licensing

    Do we have anyone on this site with experience getting licensed in Canada? I have a customer who has sold some shelters I engineered to a customer in Ontario. I'm considering a temporary license. I'm curious who has done this, and whether they thought getting a permanent license was worth it.
  9. Manufacturingman

    Any PEs with experience moonlighting as a drafter?

    Yes. drafting by itself doesn't pay well though.
  10. Manufacturingman

    SE Exam Design Standards - AASHTO Specification

    When it comes to editions, you should be able to find a list of what has changed from edition to edition. Using a previous edition is usually ok. For example, in ASCE 7-16, the equation for calculating Design Ice Thickness changed from 7-10. In 7-10, the equations was 2.0*t*Ii*fz*(Kzt)^.35...
  11. Manufacturingman

    Facebook Group for SE Exam (Buildings)

    You're welcome to join the SE group on FB I posted above. We'll be discussing bridge problems for sure.
  12. Manufacturingman

    Facebook Group for SE Exam (Buildings)

    I created a FB group here:
  13. Manufacturingman

    Planning to take the SE Buildings exam in October 2021

    I created a FB group here:
  14. Manufacturingman

    Facebook Group for SE Exam (Buildings)

    Never did see this FB group...
  15. Manufacturingman


    I'm pissed about having to wear a mask for 16 hrs when I will already be distanced from anyone else. It's stressful enough as it is. Just let me work.
  16. Manufacturingman

    AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications 7th Edition

    I have not. I am looking for it. I have the PDF, but I don't want to print 1700 pages. But for $450, I might just do it.
  17. Manufacturingman

    What codes should I use

    This is a question I have also. You can see the changes from issue to issue. Since I own my own firm (I'm a Mechanical PE prepping to take the SE), I'd rather just buy the newer codes than have to buy twice. Did anyone use 7-16 on the SE, though they call out the 7-10 code specifically? Or any...