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  1. J

    Ok you passed. How much did you spend?

    I borrowed most of my materials, or got electronic copies from friends. 1st Take $275 Exam Fee $800 8-hr PE Prep Class (useless) -$800 Reimbursed $500 Seismic Prep Class (not that great) -$500 Reimbursed $0 books (borrowed) -------------------------------- $275 spent Passed: 8 hour...
  2. J


    passed 8hr and survey in april, passed seismic in october. thanks for keeping me entertained until the results! Good luck to y'all!
  3. J

    August 2012 Give-away! Courtesy of Engineering Training and Education

    Interested in this. I have no background in seismic... passed survey and 8 hr. a good reference for seismic would help me greatly. TIA
  4. J

    Civil Surveying Exam- June 2nd to 9th$lcev2.startup?p_qte_code=ENG&p_qte_pgm_code=7500
  5. J

    Civil Surveying Exam- June 2nd to 9th

    Probably... the last license number is 79627... so i'm assuming whenever 79628 shows up the list is updated.
  6. J

    Civil Surveying Exam- June 2nd to 9th

    and the results are not out :(
  7. J

    The future of the California seismic & survey exams?

    I think it's pretty fair to be upset about a 200% increase in fees.. We have no choice but to pay the price but it's upsetting and added pressure to pass... Ric says the average Civil Engineer passes in 3 tries... that's $2400+ (if u fail everything twice) vs the old $825. I took the test this...
  8. J

    The future of the California seismic & survey exams?

    I would like additional clarification... Previously we paid $275 for all 3 exams. Now that all the costs are split up, will a refile applicant that has not passed any of the exams be required to pay for all 3 exams? Or would they be able to for example, take just the 1 of the exam (i.e. survey...