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    Whamageddon Anyone else doing this? I panicked at lunch today when I realized the restaurant was playing a pop Christmas playlist, but I escaped alive. 
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    Thanksgiving Vacation

    How much time do you slackers get off this week? 
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    The Triathlon Thread

    Dropping this here so you guys can quit jacking up the running and cycling threads. 
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    Orlando, FL

    Okay, hit me. A friend and I are headed to Orlando in August for a weekend away. We know we want to go to Universal Studios and ride an airboat.  Any recommendations for either? Anything else we should try to see?  Should I start hydrating now? 
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    Charles in Charge

    Anyone following the Scott Baio allegations? I remember his reality show from a couple years ago where he came off like a complete dick, which makes all of these allegations pretty believable.
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    Wyoming Released

    Via email 12/4/2017
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    Cyber Monday

    Don't forget to use the Amazon affiliate link, located in here, to help keep the lights on around here. 
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    So I remember using a waterpik growing up and decided to buy one now that I'm an adult and I'm apparently growing pockets of gum disease.  Holy f8ck my gums are sore. This gets better, right? 
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    Anyone ever used the Touring Plans on for a trip to any of the Disney parks? 
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    Most annoying accent

    I was talking to a lady Saturday night and I was trying to place her accent. She then volunteered she's from Northern Illinois (not Chicago) and I thought, "This has got to be the most annoying accent in America." Then I wondered what other people can't stand.  I'd like to give a runner's up...
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    UCLA Shootings and Engineering Students

    The new mass shooter training is to run (if you can), hide (while locking down where you are), and fight (if you must). I'd say these engineering students kinda took hiding to a new level; check out those barricades.
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    Black Friday

    Use the link for Amazon shopping and support! Now back to my quiet office. There's no way I'm going near the mall today. 
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    Sleeping Bag Opinion

    I really want to buy this sleeping bag: Don't suppose anyone here owns one?
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    Amusement Park Season Pass

    We're considering purchasing season passes for an amusement park. The engineer in me likes it, because it "pays" for itself in two visits. They have a water park and an amusement park. They also stay open until Halloween, the pass includes free parking, and there are buddy passes. The human...
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    One Year Later

    Still miss your foul mind, VTE. I hope you're hiking with the angels.
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    Cause of Crash- Pilot Selfies
  18. csb

    How Many Houses Have You Lived In?

    It came up at lunch with my husband that my parents are still paying a mortgage. I pointed out that we were military and that they didn't buy a house until my dad was ready to retire, so I lived in 6 houses before the house they live in now. My husband only recalls living in one house growing...
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    DC to NYC and back in a day?

    Say I wanted to take the train from DC to NYC, take in Times Square and some food and get back on the train to DC. Is it doable?
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    Cubicle Etiquette

    It seems like we had something like this, but I can't find it. What are the rules for cubicle etiquette? I'll start: 1. No e-cigarettes at your motherlovin' desk!