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  1. Kalika PE

    OMG I passed!!!

  2. Kalika PE

    Recommended Power PE Study Materials

    Don't know where to begin when preparing for the Power PE.  Here are great resources to kick start your studying! In addition to @Zach Stone, P.E. course (I took the course while it was free),  he has a great article which provides insight on each reference book.  I brought to the exam a...
  3. Kalika PE

    Virginia license numbers are posted

    License numbers are being uploaded into DPOR's system.  I saw mine today which is much quicker than the 2 weeks they initially indicated.
  4. Kalika PE

    PE POWER - Reference Materials For Sale

    These items and more have helped me pass the April 2018 exam.  Tabs will be removed prior to shipping.  Shipping costs are based on your location.  Please PM me for books you are interested in along with your zip code.  Discount for multiple items. Electrical Machines, Drives and Power systems...