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    Professional Energy Manager (PEM) Certification from Schneider Energy University?

    Hello Everyone, This is not a PE related question. If there is a better, more appropriate place I can post this question please guide me. So, my question is any of the Energy/Power professional here heard of Professional Energy Manager (PEM) Certification from Schneider Energy University? I...
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    October 2019 Post Exam Wait Period - Welcome to the Suck

    So sorry for messaging in this thread after so many months. There is literally nothing else to do  during this lockdown so I am spending some time here in this forum. I wanted to say thank you for saying 2018 April was the toughest, that was my first trial and it was an almost a fatal blow to my...
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    Reminder for those who failed

    I also belong to group of people who failed (once or more). I failed twice. I have always been someone who was known for getting good grades - since I was a child. I did great in all other major exams of my life so the failure was hard on my soul. I was questioning my existence - Am I a bad...
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    October 2019 Post Exam Wait Period - Welcome to the Suck

    I just wanted to offer my two cents. I passed PE Power in my 3rd attempt last April. The depression is real! Especially once you look at the pass rate. It is brutal. I was almost ready to give up (which is something totally out of character for me), I don't know what kept me going!   As cliche...
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    I passed on my 3rd attempt last April. All these time I could not enjoy the wit, humor, satire, laughs we share here (trolls and genuine candidate included)! This time I am just having so much fun reading through all the comments 😂 
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    How did/will you celebrate the pass of PE? Good luck to us all.

    I got the result at work (passed this yr in April). I showed my result to three different coworkers because I needed to make sure that I am not hallucinating These coworkers suffered with me throughout this ordeal as I would bore them with my questions/concerns/anxieties/rants 🙂 almost every...
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    Applicants with foreign bachelor degree/ US masters?

    I see! I also applied to Michigan, but I do need the IL number as well. First spend your life studying for the exam and then spend the rest of it by figuring out the requirements! 😞
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    Applicants with foreign bachelor degree/ US masters?

    I see. I talked to the board today and unfortunately they still need 8 yrs of experience. Which sucks  like you said it beats the purpose of getting the evaluation done! (Can you tell I am super frustrated with this requirements)
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    Applicants with foreign bachelor degree/ US masters?

    Hello NikR, I am actually applying to ILLINOIS. I did my Credentials Evaluation and I had some humanities deficiency which I have now fulfilled. You said, IL needs 4 years with verification. Is that true with my case? Where did you find this requirement?
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    Michigan Registration - any confirmation email?

    Thank you. I have not checked my mailbox this week so hopefully i get the paper certificate too!
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    Illinois Application

    I am also interested in this! Please let us know if you can get a hold of the board!
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    Michigan Registration - any confirmation email?

    I completed all the required documents last week for Michigan board. The online account at now shows a license number with active status and expiry date pf Oct/2019. Anyone else in the same situation? If yes, what kind of...
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    April 2019 Results Map

    Thank you so much! Passed indeed 🙂 The horrid memories from failing twice before has made me paranoid 🙂 
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    April 2019 Results Map

    Hello Maxi90, will you please share how I can check in state website? (link please) I am nervous and want to double triple check that I have indeed passed! 🙂
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    April 2019 Results Map

    Illinois! Result email received 3.40 pm, Today (5/14)! Power - passed - 3rd time is the charm!
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    Any Update on the Results???????????

    This waiting is excruciating!! (Side Note: Right now I am feeling a mixture of all the phases and sub-phases) What a joyful time of the year ☹️
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    Review Course

    Same thing for me. I use NEC 4 days a week and I only got 7 right past April.
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    Thread to compile must have reference material during Exam

    For someone who has not worked with NEC much I suggest Complex Code Drill Book, if you go through that book once and try to find NEC codes it gives you a very good idea of what-is-where in the book! NEC questions can be correct if you find the right code/section. Of course they will give you...
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    Oct 2018 Post Exam Wait - Welcome to the Suck

    I am in Phase 2, 3, & 4 - all at once. I skipped Phase 1 because taking extra stress is my favorite hobby! By November end. I will move into Phase 5 for sure!
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    Oct 18 PE Exam

    For me, I ran out of time in the first half and overall it was rough for me! second hanf was better, but from yesterday I am having this nightmare-ish reminder from the back of my brain about how much I tanked the exam every few hours! I did a lot of studying this time (this is my second...