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    How to interface wireless Temperature and humidity sensor with MS Azure

    with HIH humidity and temperature sensor - Share - PCBWay you will learn a lot about the temperature sensor and humidity sensor integration. I have been doing a small research on your question and this is all I got.
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    Is $200 raise for software developer good?

    like you don't have enough information for us to react well to this question. The increase depends on the current salary. Also, it depends on where you work whether as a freelancer or as an employed person and whether in the USA or outside the USA.
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    Percent of PE Civil and Mechanical Engineers in the US

    When you do a proper search on the board website, you will find this information readily available
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    Engineer Interview quick

    Engineering jobs do not involve too much writing but the few writings available are professional like report preparation and filling of job cards etc. most of the time engineers communicate through technical drawing.
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    I Got 999 First World Problems

    My first world problem was reading through PLC ladder - The Engineering Projects to make a PLC ladder diagram throughout the night for a project that was to be delivered to a client only for the thugs to attack me and steal everything from my house. It was really horrible
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    Autodesk inventor design accelerator

    from the look of things, it is not PE exam related.
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    Mechanical Engineering and Design MOOCs / Online Courses - any good ones?

    I do agree we don't have enough materials for engineers. for me, I would like to see more advanced courses in plc programming and maybe control systems design.
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    Work from home question

    I have been working from home since COVID 19 affected the world. I have been doing my PCB designs from home. The projects Developing Prototype Circuits from Home -HARDWARE - Share - PCBWay is one of the greatest things I have been doing and I have been teaching so many electrical engineers how...
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    Potentiometer replacement. Any thought?

    how do I order this one? I think the project is so nice. I got a lot of interest in it. Can it be used in a play station too?
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    Professional development Courses (PE)

    Eagerly waiting for the solution. I need to upgrade my licensing and i think what you need is also what i think I should get. Any help will be appreciated
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    hello. This is Simon from North Carolina

    thank you everyone for the welcome
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    Discord channel for those in the power distribution industry?

    We have so many channels on LinkedIn that can help you out. Also, try searching on Facebook you will come across many of them such as the Compex engineer's groups.
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    hello. This is Simon from North Carolina

    North Carolina for Engineering Perfectionism.