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  1. evanfus

    NCEES Credential Evaluation for BSEET Graduate/MS Student

    Just like the course selection.
  2. evanfus

    NCEES Credential Evaluation for BSEET Graduate/MS Student

    I am currently in my 2nd year (out of 3) for graduate school in Electrical & Computer Engineering. I have this 3-year timeline because I was accepted conditionally where I will need to take 6 undergraduate engineering courses along with my graduate curriculum since my BS was in Electrical...
  3. evanfus

    PE Electrical & Computer - Power Materials For Sale!

    Hello to everyone, I am pleased to announced that I have passed the Power PE exam allowing me a path to licensure in the field of engineering I am passionate in. I do have the list of remaining materials I have for sale: Study Guide for PE Power by Wasim Asghar - $50 - All pages are here but...
  4. evanfus

    Power factor correction question - PPI Exam 1 Question 10

    Was the problem supposed to say if it's looking for total capacitance or capacitance per phase? I interpreted as total capacitance and got the same answer akyip got.
  5. evanfus

    July Exam Takers

    I saw that yesterday. One of my thoughts is that some might took little study time given the prior pass rate was at 71% that was depicted as doable. I was a bit uncertain at first but looked back on how much I studied so far and those who used the resources and courses I took that passed (I've...
  6. evanfus

    Hello Everybody!!

  7. evanfus

    Hello Everybody!!

    @LyceeFruit PEI plan on taking the Electrical & Computer - Power Exam.  My study plan is 1-2 hours a day fro now and will increase as I get closer to the date.
  8. evanfus

    Hello Everybody!!

    Hello everyone, I am Evan.  I passed the EIT exam last year for the Nebraska State Board.  I am a Bachelor's degree holder in electrical engineering technology from Purdue University Northwest since 2018.  As of now, I am currently pursuing a master's degree full-time in electrical engineering...