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    CA Seismic Exam Results for September 2022

    Got results at 3 am and passed..officially done!!! Good luck everyone!!!
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    For Sale- Seismic Workbook and Practice Exam book by Ahmed Ibrahim

    California Seismic Principles Civil P.E. Examination for sale. Books are brand new, no highlights and no notes. AEI Workbook (Fundamental of Seismic Analysis and Design of Buildings) (6th Edition) $90 + shipping. AEI Practice Exams (4th Edition) $70 + shipping. Both books together $140...
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    Need help

    I submitted my application on Oct/Nov 2016 and got email on Jan 10, 2017 regarding my application was received and referred for technical review. I received a letter, dated on March 8, 2017, regarding additional information. That will depend upon the number of applicants.  I can say that it...
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    Ca seismic and survey notification

    I submitted my first application on October 2016 for April 2017 Exam.  I received a letter, dated on March 8, 2017, regarding additional information ( work experience).   I submitted my missing documents on June 5, 2017 . I got  approval (email ) for state specific exam(s) on June 30, 2017 and...
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    Ca seismic and survey notification

    Received Authorization for Seismic and Surveying on Thursday!
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    CA-Survey and CA-Seismic Reference book

    Which reference book I should use for California Seismic and Surveying exam......Please suggest.
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    How many questions you are sure that you answed them right

    20 in the morning and 20 in the evening.
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    NCEES email in your inbox!

    Took exam on April 2017 and got the survey within a week.