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  1. She started bitching when my wife took a picture of her car. “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t take any pictures of my car until the police get here”. Not sure what her problem was, other than the fact she’d just hit us, or what difference it makes whether the cops were there or not.
  2. See I thought I’d read something when it first came out that it was taking place well after all the SW movies so it’s in the same universe but no real ties to any of the movies.
  3. Her insurance company called today. They talked to the wife since she was driving so I didn't hear exactly what they said, but I heard her tell them a couple times that we haven't even gotten the report from the police yet so I'm wondering if the other chick is trying to say it wasn't her fault. I called our insurance this morning too to at least get the claim process started. So far the only good thing is that her insurance (Grange) and ours (USAA) have the body shop a couple miles from our house on their list of recommended shops so I'm taking it in tomorrow and get an estimate and then figu
  4. We haven't heard from the police yet. I can't imagine they wouldn't find her to be at fault, but with the way 2020 has gone so far, who knows.
  5. Well happy F-in holidays... We got t-boned yesterday in the swagger wagon. We were leaving UDF from the west driveway and were going to go straight across to the Walgreens. Traffic was backed up from 8 Mile past where we were pulling out but had left a gap for us to pull out. Little twit in her BMW didn’t want to wait so she tried to go around the line of traffic and got us square in the driver’s side. When the cops showed up she tried to tell them that she was pulling into the Walgreens too....bullshit. If she was, 1st, she probably wouldn’t have been going fast enough not to stop and 2n
  6. 😄 Not sure how it works, but she’ll actually be home tomorrow and the game is on Saturday. I’m not sure if they test all the ESPN people on the way in and then forbid them from having any outside contact or what. I was more worried about her. Testing was supposed to be Wed. and Thur. but the ESPN producer told all his people to sign up for Wed. so wife’s crew wouldn’t have to work on thanksgiving. Nice idea, but that meant that, instead of keeping busy at work, she was stewing alone in her hotel room. ESPN guy said they could grab some food when the caterers showed up so at least she
  7. No wife or kids for T-Giving this year. Kids at grandparents/moms and wife ended up getting sent to Oregon for work. Does sound kind of cool though...they’re on campus doing ‘Rona testing for the Oregon-Oregon State game.
  8. When I was at the VA the street out front wasn’t terribly steep, but it was long and steady. When we’d get snow and all the stupid people would panic and try to bolt for home, we’d sit at the front window and laugh and laugh. The best we’re the idiots in rear wheel drive cars who would try and go up backwards because somehow that was the same as front wheel drive.
  9. Might want to check. My jack was ready to go, but that was a year or so ago. Maybe they started shipping them without oil since then to save a couple bucks.
  10. Mine ended up being free. I take the truck to the dealership for oil changes, mainly because I got lifetime brakes. Got the oil change and they tell me brakes are still okay. Couple weeks later front pads are down to metal. Tried to get help from the dealer and nothing so I replaced the front brakes myself...pads, rotors and both calipers...and bought the jack to do it. After filing a complaint with the BBB, got a call from one of their GM's. He looked my information up and saw that my pads were a hair over 3mm. 3mm is the cutoff for replacing pads with their "lifetime brakes". Even the GM sa
  11. Oh yeah, I know that place. Do all my Christmas shopping there.
  12. Sounds like its the same one I got for the truck. Got it specifically for the 20-in lift. Even though the truck is stock, F350's still sit pretty high. Never gotten a jack that didn't come ready to go though.
  13. It’s only been the first episode so they’ve still got plenty of time to screw it up, but “Big Sky” was pretty good. Story picked up from the get go and ended with a bang.
  14. I would be 100% behind setting wolves loose in the Capitol Building.
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