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    All kinds of sports but mostly football since I played all through school. Jersey number was always 21.
  1. You have to pay for each box/tv with dish tv and directv. I think the charge is 3.99 per tv or something like that. I pay about $75 per month for 3 tvs with the basic directv package and one tv having Tivo. The signal issue has improved and I very rarely if ever lose my signal anymore. I would say in the past two years that I have been living in my house, I might have lost the signal two times and one of those times was becauseof snow buildup on the actual dish.
  2. In the Mechanical test some answers had units and other questions had the units listed in the question (i.e. what is the flow in gpm?) and then the answers were only numbers. I guess this would be to make sure that all your conversions are correct. I think units are still important but maybe not as important as they used to be. You just have to be mindful of the units and maek sure that you are solving for what is asked.
  3. damn... you guys really ran with this one today.
  4. Posting to bring it to the top... and so FLbuff can post again
  5. still lurking... just hard with the the whoel work thing.. sorry will work on the priorities
  6. I dont think you should give the gAy team anything.
  7. jroyce


    Not that I am playing or anything.... but you at least have to come up with your own stuff.... http://www.theforce.net/humor/topten/ct10_...terthanlotr.asp
  8. That is correct. Once you have your PE number then you can sign up for the course and take it right then. You will get your certificate once you complete the course and thne you forward the certificate to the engineering board so that it can be added to your record.
  9. http://www.floridabuilding.org/BCISOld/tr/tr_trai_regi.asp There is the webiste for the core course. It really isnt that big of a deal though. You can finisht he course in about 30 minutes or so and there really is no way for you to "fail" the course. Its more or less another way for them to get money out of you.
  10. You will receive your letters between christmas and new years. probably closer to the dec 30 date or so. This has been status quo for PA results for the past three years. The lady was just giving you the standard line because they get plenty of questions regarding when the letter will come. The letter will be send from EES and not from the PA board. Thick envelope is a bad thing and thin is a good thing. 3 or 4 sheets if you fail and 1 sheet if you pass. The wait is almost over and good luck to eveyone waiting. I am so glad I don't ahve to wait this year.
  11. Good Luck in your wait. I passed the Oct 2007 test in PA and the results came between Christmas and New Years. So you still have about a week or so to wait. Once you get the results the licenses will be issued somewhere in the beginning of Feb. So a little more waiting after the passed letter.
  12. Good Luck Chuck .... that was the best part of the movie becaue the rest of it was pretty bad
  13. I passed the PE exam last Oct and they didn't fix the website until after I got my number which was Feb 08. You will get the results in the mail before the actual website is changed.
  14. I used Norton in college and shigley for the PE test. I would say that they are both very good but I would prefer Shigley. It just seems that Shigley is a bit easier to follow at times then Norton. Again this is just my two cents and coudl also be affected by the experience that I gained since college.
  15. First, you have to try to stay as calm as possible because you still have 30 days to go and it gets worse as the day gets closer. The calmer you are now the easier it will be for you to stay calm on test day. I truthfully think that being calm will help you out because you will be able to recall everything you studed easier then if you are freaking out and stressing about it. I have to disagree with the comment that the morning session is heavy in thermo/fluids. I took the test in April and October of 07 and I dont think either of them was heavy in thermo/fluids. I think the April te
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