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  1. Is there a northern square state? Oh yeah, where we go for fireworks. and petting bison.
  2. on a construction project, the sign needs to be shown on a fully executed MHT to be enforceable
  3. leave the kids a pallet of toilet paper and go for it!
  4. Raising Dion on Netflix is a different kind of superhero series. Really well done IMO.
  5. There'll be none of that until the stitches come out.😉 I've got a hematoma that looks like a pint bag of blood on my hip
  6. Feeling better every day, thanks. Nice to have a pile of sick leave to use. Finally looked at the bike last night, the derailleur didn't look happy. LBS had previously said I might be needing a new one soon. Changing bags of frozen peas and heading back to the sofa.
  7. I crashed on Saturday at the bottom of the Lake Dillon dam. Going too fast I skidded out on loose sand, hit my head and was knocked out, then skidded on my face. Pretty ugly. The bruise on my hip is epic! not to scare you or anything. But you guys are really fit, you'll be fine on the climb. There will be some competitive types on this event, but lots of regular folks too. The super riders will all take off for Fruita, so you won;t be passed by masses on the uphill. On these events we usually find a few riders doing pretty much the same ride we are and share the misery.
  8. You got this RG. The 7% is not bad, I thought it was 6. But it's kind of long and continuous. There's an aid station at the end of most of the climb, great photo op there. You'll be ready for a break and a snack then. A joke the wife and I had the first time was "photo op!" when we started getting tired. There's virtually no climb until you get to the park. Are you doing the 40 or adding the Fruita loop for 60? I'd just do the 40 if you're unsure. An extra 20 miles of flat before the climb won't help except to drain your legs. Make sure you have the flashing tail lights for th
  9. The disjointed sidebar personal life stories. The flipped scripts on the wrestling act were quite good though.
  10. if you want more disappointment, watch the new season of GLOW
  11. it's too bad that PEness and Testee can't remember their passwords.
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