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  1. I don't see how this is even a topic of discussion. My friend Donnie Baker says that the earth is flat. He even proved it using a level, a football, and a Zima. Cased Closed.
  2. I think there is more parity in college football than years past. I am glad to see that.
  3. I was Michael Bolton before that no talent ass clown came along.
  4. I test drove 3 different 4-door Wranglers over the last week. One had the 6 speed. Too much shifting IMO. I don't think I'm going to do it, but still haven't ruled it out.
  5. Yup, and should get at least $15/hr and his school loans paid off because he deserves it.
  6. I agree with RG above, two weeks ago, I had to get a new battery for the Trailblazer. The one that was in it was bought in 2007. I went to Advance Auto and bought the same one. Figured if the last one lasted that long, it was good to go. Funny part is, the guy at Advance Auto kept telling me that they didn't have the battery I needed to "fit" my vehicle and that they could order it. I said, "I want this same battery, and you have it on the shelf over there" he said, I understand that we have that one, but the computer shows that it doesn't fit your vehicle. I said "fine, I'll buy
  7. YUP. I'm going to watch it. SW + 1000
  8. I can vouch. Happened to me. Twice. apparently your "tight" with the tee wrench is tighter than spec? (Mr. body builder ) front wheels or rear wheels? "they" say that if you hit your brakes after you lose a front wheel, it's a good way to veer off the road and flip over multiple times... composure is required to turn on your hazards and slowly coast to a stop near the side of the road with sparks flying all around you... Said family member had composure. His passenger did not. Nah, not a great story actually. I used to work the door at a club when
  9. I'm trying to calm my wife down, as I'm currently talking with my uncle about buying his '55 chevy off of him. It would be in addition to my '68. She's not taking the idea too well right now.
  10. ^ exactly. I was going to add that for it to be considered the next generation, it would need a platform change. That is what defined the difference of the 1st five generations.
  11. DAMN IT. I'm halfway thru Season 2 of HOUSE OF CARDS and will not click on those spoilers. I'm addicted to that show right now. It's killing my sleep. Watching an episode every night after the kids go to bed isn't working well with getting up at 4:30 a.m. every day
  12. My first car the highly sought after 1986 Chevette Coupe (gold)
  13. I think that new Chevy Colorado truck looks great
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