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  1. Yeah, the show didn't capture quite the same vibe as the book laid down...as I recall (from book) Tyrion really blew up at his nephew during all that, making him all the more probable suspect
  2. I think Marghery (sp?) does marry Tommen, or is his betrothed or whatever; she does become queen, that much I know. Regarding the poisoning;
  3. ^LOL, did you just start watching it? Its been that way since episode 1 season 1
  4. Sansa pretty much remains a patsy thru-out the book. Yeah, he was same guy (I asked too), don't know why his hair was all of a sudden dark tho. The Hound's always been one of my favorite characters - bad guy: "you're willing to die over some chickens?" Hound: "Well, someone's going to die"
  5. The stuff that goes on & on (book-wise) in that sewer of a land Daenerys is in gets (got) real old with me. Is like quit pissin around, dragon up & reclaim your friggin kingdom already! My sis who's also a published author thinks Martin's just got a big old case of writer's block going on - too many balls in the air, and no idea how / what to do now...
  6. I didn't get a chance to ever meet him, but he was kinda like a little brother - good for a ribbing & could dish it out w the best of 'em. Gonna miss you big-time VT
  7. I knew it! One phone to rule them all... Why's their coverage suck @ss so bad? Safe travels RG, don't forget to wind the car back up when you start getting into the hilly sections
  8. Say goodbye to any semblance of scenery for a long @ss time...
  9. try to piss off some truckers by passing them & then slowing down j/k Safe travels!
  10. EM_PS

    Got Ink?

    You should totally do that during the EB convention, everyone will be able to watch - it'll be great!
  11. He can't converse when he's too busy eye f#cking you :mf_boff:
  12. Crap, I'm taking a beating in my 3rd-world leader dead pool
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