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  1. Guys, I haven't been on here for a long time so some of you wont remember me. Road Guy sent me an e-mail about VTE. I'm shocked! As a founding member he help many of us pass the PE. He will be sorely missed! I will be praying for his family and friends! RIP Matt! Joey
  2. When I was looking to see when the last two exam results came in for SC I found these 2 posts... Both say ELSES was involved with sending the e-mails. So now that ELSES is under NCEES, I wonder if that will hurry the results up or delay them.
  3. I think the guys that found out via e-mail last april had to log on to either there state board/ELSES/NCEES then recieved the letter from ELSES...or something like that so ELSES was involved in sending the scores. I don't think that's the case now.
  4. Wasn't ELSES the middle man before but now starting with the exam last week they aren't involved? I'm curious if that will make a difference in the length of the wait???
  5. Someone in my family was wondering what percentage of the Engineers in the US are PE's. When I talk about the PE to someone who isn't familiar with engineering they tend to think it is like Doctors, Pharmacist, Nurses, etc in which all of them have passed their state exams. Engineers however do not have to pass the PE to enter the work force therefore much less of them are PEs. The state medical exams for Doctors have a pass rate ~90%. Since Engineers do not have to have a PE to work the passing rate can be much lower. I bet only about 10% of all engineers with at least a 4 year enginee
  6. Yo Joey! Whats up?

  7. Yeah, I know the amount of kids going into engineering is decreasing. That's why things like engineers week are so important. As the trend continues to decrease I wonder if the PE will lose it's importance....thus leading to less PEs? or the absence of PEs.
  8. Do you think the number of PEs will increase or decrease over the next 20 years here in the US? Will it become more or less important? What are everyones thoughts?
  9. I think that would be a good idea for NCEES to post in detail what the agreement means. It would eliminate any questions.
  10. It may influence another examinee if he chooses to be influenced but the legality part (as I see it) is discussing exact problems on the test and that's it.
  11. I also wonder about the grey area. I mean nobody on this site has said, "how do you do problem x?" but we have discussed things like, "the ME PE exam was much more difficult than the sample exam" and "why so many HVAC problems in the morning" and things like that. I'm assuming that's ok as long as specific problems are not addressed. Someone correct me if I'm wrong so we don't violate and rules.
  12. Tim, thanks for dropping by! We appreciate your comments! We agree that this internet forum (the best on the web) can be a powerful tool for all of us to learn more about all areas of engineering and become better engineers. We also understand the agreement we signed. Ethics is a very important part of being an engineer and this forum (the best on the web) will not tolerate any violation of NCEES agreements. Any post that violates such agreements will be deleted immediately! I'm glad you and your friends visit this web site! I hope and encourage you and others on your team to become r
  13. Not many rules....that's great. This forum is so much better and more up-to-date than the other one!
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