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  1. Surveying results (FLS and PS) always come in earlier than FE or PE results. They don't have to go though the NCEES grading process...or they are somehow able to do so more quickly. I am pretty sure NCEES grades it ... there just must be much less taking the surveying exams.
  2. Not sure if the FLS is related to the FE? But for what it is worth I got my FLS results on Monday 12/07/09. Good luck to everyone!
  3. I got my results in Mississippi for the FLS on 12/7/09. I got my Tennessee PE results for the Oct '08 exam on Friday 01/09/09. Good luck to everyone ... waiting is the hardest part
  4. I Passed !!!... got my letter on friday from State of TN Dept of Commerce and Insurance State Board of A&E examiners.
  5. congrats to all that have passed ... hopefully today will be the day in Memphis.
  6. I called the board today to make sure if they were sending it to my home or work address. I found out they were sending it home but at the end of the conversation she preceded to tell me about the deadline for reapplying. I asked if she knew something I didn't and she said she didn't know anything. I am thinking that she wouldn't have said anything if I had passed but maybe she didn't know the results and just looked up my address?
  7. I am with you buddy ... if I don't get a letter today at work then I am going to drive home to check there. It's usually about 1 here when the mail runs.
  8. Nothing in Memphis today at work ... but then again they may be sending it to my home?
  9. I am in Memphis and the mail runs about 1 at our office. We will probably be a day behind the middle TN folks though. Good luck to all.
  10. Nothing in the mail today at work
  11. thanks ... I guess we are just looking for any little sign that maybe just maybe we passed the test. Still waiting on the mail here in Memphis. I am still not really sure if they are going to send it to work or home. They have both addresses on file.
  12. Anybody else get an e-mail from the AE list today? it was a link to the Fall/Winter 2008 Design Lines Newsletter.
  13. I am still an unapproved applicant, as are the few numbers above and below my number. What is your date of origin? if it is the last few days then I guess you should have a reason to get your hopes up. Good luck!
  14. Thanks for the update buddy! Best of luck to ya'll.
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