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  1. Thats fine you dont have to believe it, but I was told that by an actual state official. So unless you have a better source than the interwebz or CNN you have no right to cast doubt on it. Other than the fact than im just some poster on the other end of the internet.
  2. Maybe they all work in the frozen food section of Wally world.
  3. PREPARE FOR SOME 3RD HAND DOCTORING/POSSIBLE FAKE NEWS HERE: I was in an unrelated meeting this morning with a state official with a title that used most letters of the alphabet. He shared that he had just come from a conference about the virus. He was told the following in an official capacity: 1) The virus doesn't live on your skin more than 4-6 min. 2) If you are sneezed/coughed/vomited on, your not guaranteed to get it or pass it on to anyone if your RNA isn't right. You won't get it even then unless you move said bodily fluid to an orifice (ie with your hand to your mo
  4. Thats ok since we will be the only ones around
  5. We are supposed to go to Florida in a couple weeks with my 60 something parents. Right or wrong, I am not scared of this thing one bit, but am hedging my bets that the beaches and restaurant are open (not to mention the flight). They, however, are totally stoked and not really interested in canceling regardless of whether the beaches are closed or we eat take every meal. I'm betting we have to cancel, but I'm not looking forward to tell them that.
  6. If you want to feel real good about how bad this WILL NEVER BE, watch (re-watch) World War Z. Makes a cough and old, sick people dying seem not so bad.
  7. Steam boat Springs, CO - Skiing Sanibel, Fl - Beaching Paoli Peaks, IN - Skiing Paducah, KY - Living
  8. IMG_4310.MOV This is from a cold start so its not great.
  9. Well i did it. She has a few minor issues, but this is by far the coolest thing i have ever owned.
  10. 350, 4 speed. My thoughts too. I dont want to be afraid to drive it and maybe put in AC and bluetooth. If it was numbers matching original (I wouldn't be able to afford it for one thing), I wouldn't want to change it or drive it. Not the case here. Yall aren't much help. I guess I'll have to go get it. Ill let you know.
  11. Ever since I was little I have wanted a 68-69 Camaro. I am only 39 so its not like I grew up with one or anything and I am not a grease monkey, so I'm probably not the typical owner of one. Still I cant help but drool over them. I am able now to get one if I want and have been looking for a few months. I've found this 68 local that has had a frame off restoration. I've shown it to a friend that owns one and a few other peeps that are more mechanically minded than me and they have all given the go ahead. My wife loves the idea and I can kick the old truck out of the garage and keep this t
  12. This year will be 40 for me and i hate to say it but I'm starting to feel a bit decrepit. Aches and pains and problems are starting to be more frequent than I would like. Still better than the alternative though.
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