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  1. We do. Get the word out on doing this!!!
  2. ^^ Same here. On another note, it would be crazy to get a sweatshirt like these: You would likely get at least a double take from most people.
  3. I'd take 24" of snow over 1/2" of ice any day of the week.
  4. It says something about the source when you have the centimeters as a unit on the map. Just saying......
  5. It isn't based on what I searched for. Then again, I have set my google account to not be tracked for their ads. Hmm, maybe that's why I saw it.
  6. LOL! Sometimes I just need to laugh at these Google ads!
  7. I get to roll out of bed 5 mins before work.
  8. Who answers or even cares if someone knocks on their door these days? Don't you know that it is election season with COVID running wild out there?
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