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  1. Did you also give one to Santiago? I can handle the truth.
  2. Frankly, nobody has ever graduated from an engineering undergrad program with a "good background" in anything. I repeat - ever. That's what work experience is for. Hence the term "entry level." As far as lean manufacturing, autocad, and six sgima - these are things any self respecting engineer with half a brain should be able to teach themselves. I'm glad they didn't waste my time on such nonsense while I was in school. You won't really learn these things anyway until you are working, applying them to real life situations. I taught myself autocad (at least enough to do some electrica
  3. I don't think most of the admiring commentary on this thread has much to do with anything above shoulder level. THat's much more a matter of personal opinion. I fact, I think most of the commentary relates to items below waist level, with a couple notable exceptions.
  4. I'll be really impressed if he posts these in the "What did you do" thread.
  5. I guess we got our orders. I'll stop converting.
  6. and they're not all "hers" either. In which case it may not be their chest brushing up against you. They're all "hers". The key to skirting that issue is to look around and see if there are any "hims". I think Eddie Murphy made the same gamble a while back.
  7. and they're not all "hers" either. In which case it may not be their chest brushing up against you.
  8. I'm glad somebodsy made a big deal out of this. Otherwise I would never have seen this particular derriere.
  9. First of all let me just say that from this angle, Wow. Second- the owner they sent to talk to her was "Woody Johnson"? You can't make this stuff up.
  10. dude, Walmart is 2 minutes down the road from Big Lots..... surely you could've waited the extra few minutes! lol He was trying to be optimistic. He probably thought the "Big" in "Big Lots" meant something else.
  11. No. Wanna go camping? Reminds me of the guy from work who went on a fishing trip with us to Ensenada. He got really drunk and thrown in jail, and when he woke up he had somebody else's underwear on. Two questions - 1. How can anybody get that drunk? 2. How can anybody repeat that story to anyone else?
  12. Are you sure that kid on the right got any of your wife's DNA? I didn't know cloning had progressed to this level.
  13. I think Buff is too modest to brag about something like that.
  14. Good Lord, it's enough for them to get the tests graded as it is. Developing questions would take even more valuable time, plus they have to recruit volunteers to write the questions and test them out. I believe they have a large pool of questions so the likelihood somebody will take the test enough times to see a majority of them is pretty slim. Plus, maybe people could just follow the rules.
  15. 38. If you need a butt transplant, don't go to Argentina.
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