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  1. I grew up in Texas. I think about 95% of Texas history they teach in school is the Alamo, so when you see it in person it's pretty disappointing. And speaking of disappointing historical Texas monuments, have you been to the San Jacinto monument? Hey, here is our version on the Washington Monument except it's bigger... ...and surrounded by oil refineries! 🤣
  2. Depiction of the Battle of the Alamo Actual Alamo
  3. For a state where the mantra is "Everything is Bigger in Texas" the Alamo is just so much smaller than expected.
  4. Howdy, my spidey senses were tingling. I knew there was a post that needed a classic movie quote response.
  5. Sounds like you might have guns to sell and the market is hot right now. 😛
  6. Did they want it for taste testing? 😛
  7. I'm using this picture for a Health & Safety moment this afternoon.
  8. I'm game. Put me down for 5 squares.
  9. Good tip. I recently purchased an oil extractor to assist with oil changes on the VW. Since the filter is on top of the engine I "should" be able to change the oil without needing to get under the car. Also looking forward to using it for the lawn mower oil change, which is always a PIA.
  10. So the one on my new car is on top of the engine. Haven't had to change the oil yet, but looking forward to having easy access to the oil filter. In other news, I got rid of my dependable & economical Honda Fit for a VW Golf R. I'm an idiot but the car is a riot.
  11. Been MIA for a while so just catching up on things around here. Can someone explain the benefit to this style of canister filter? My wife has a highlander and changing the oil is a pain. I haven't had the issue RG had not being able to get the filter off, but it's still a pain because it feels like you have to be super careful with it and it makes a god awful mess (the new filter comes with a "drain plug" that never goes in easily and ends up spilling oil everywhere. What was wrong with a traditional screw on/off oil filter? The replacement filters on this canister style are just the filt
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