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  1. We haven't gone grocery shopping in 3 weeks so we’re down to condiments, some random blocks of cheese and a lots of canned beans. But!...while organizing the basement I found a stash of Christmas hershey kisses (from not this past Christmas) which I am now totally hoarding. 😁
  2. What ads? 😁
  3. I just sorted through all my seeds today. Hoping to start them tomorrow.
  4. Gross! Anyone else seeing this earwax removal ad at the bottom?! 🤮
  5. Picture just taken out my front window: The wildlife is taking over!!
  6. I just finished a major deadline too. I had to put 2 powerpoint slides together describing some ongoing research. What should have taken a couple hours took me an embarrassingly long time. I was brain dead before I started.
  7. I want to keep doing this forever! I love not commuting. Of course I should probably start being productive if I want a chance at that.
  8. I think YA is about my attention span right now. Luckily my 13yo daughter hit the library just before it closed and brought home a whole pile of them! I thought Ready Player One was super entertaining, and Gen-Xers especially appreciate all the 80's references. Very relevant now. I just finished Magpie Murders. It was good. A murder mystery. But a little hard for me to get into in the beginning with everything else going on.
  9. I'm not sure about anything anymore. Is this world even real?
  10. I went grocery shopping over the weekend to last another 2 or so weeks. It wasn't awful. Not crowded like I expected, but there was also no tp or any cleaning products on the shelves. This might be over the top but I followed this guy's procedure for washing stuff before it came in the house: Safe Grocery shopping PSA
  11. NYC Health Dept: "You are your safest partner"
  12. Yes, what's up with that? How am I supposed to hit the reply button??? edit: somehow I managed
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