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  1. My favorite part of that map is its inclusion of Hawaii.
  2. Where was the epicenter? Aleutians?
  3. Of course Reiser dies. He's a total weasel. I gave an assignment to two people junior to me to watch Stripes, after I told them I am their Big Toe. And they had no idea what I was talking about. One of them watched it last night and reported back that it's a terrible movie, but he did think Sgt. Hulka was redeemed.
  4. Ugh. That's so sad. I have seen some awful behavior among doctors where I am, during COVID. Stuff that if an engineer did it, we'd be hauled before a Board and probably disciplined, at the least. One doc is on Facebook every day criticizing the government's decisions, which is fine, but he calls out the doctors on the government advisory board (other private docs that he competes with) and says they don't know what they are doing, etc., but falling short of calling them names. He even paid for ads to appear in local Facebook feeds criticizing the government's approach. I really have no
  5. I finally convinced my son to watch Alien. We had to take a break right before the alien busts out of the guy's chest at dinner, but by the next evening he had built up his courage to finish the movie. What an excellent movie. It really holds up after all these years. My son really enjoyed it, so we watched Aliens the next night. I loved that movie back when it came out and saw it in the huge theater at least twice, in packed crowds. I haven't seen it in probably 20 years. It's still pretty good, too, but just not as "big" as I remembered it.
  6. I "borrowed" an N-95 from a doctor colleague a couple weeks ago when I had to go on a hospital inspection. He had one of the type that I am fit tested for. It turned out to be really old, and the foam nosepiece guard disintegrated during the inspection, got in my eye, and gave me an eye infection!
  7. Surging all over right now, more than half of the states. I know I have seen CDC saying that small, in-home gatherings are one thing causing the current spread but I don't know. Where I am, we are seeing a big surge and it's being driven by some work clusters (probably people eating together on break), a lot of small and large in-home gatherings, and multi-generational homes. And this last one is unfortunately driving hospitalizations and deaths because of the old people living in these homes. I've had to crack down on my own staff to prevent workplace spread. I don't get the disconnect.
  8. I think I would crash trying to read that and then trying to work it out in my head.
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