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  1. Ok doubters, here is real data on total deaths in the US, by all causes. Look at this graph, explore the data on this site, If it's not COVID, tell me is it the common cold that has killed all these extra people this year? Car accidents? (and if so, why do I keep getting rebates from my insurance company supposedly due to fewer accidents this year?). A sudden surge in heart attacks caused by internet stress? Curious what your explanations might be. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm
  2. Is it legal to give a 12 year old girl whiskey get her shitfaced, as long as it is in your own home? And if that's illegal, isn't that discriminatory against people under the age of 21? Or females? Sometimes society has to pull together to control situations that are deemed inappropriate or, in this case, dangerous for everyone else until a vaccine is available or the disease stops spreading. It confuses me why so many people have gotten themselves wrapped around the axle on this, and seemingly forgotten the myriad of everyday things that have been controlled by local and state government
  3. Sure. I think we should start to overthrow building codes, seatbelt laws, speed limits. I didn't find any of those in the constitution either.
  4. That is interesting, but I have two thoughts: 1. Africa shouldn't be congratulating themselves yet. This isn't over (look at India - they were slow to take off but now their numbers are crazy). 2. The age structure / demographics in Africa may explain most of the difference in death toll. Regardless of political correctness, Africa still remains a place where people just don't live that long. See the population pyramid: Compare this to the US: There are simply more old people in the US than there are in Africa. From that alone, we should expect a higher death rat
  5. I wonder if they cut the tongue holes into their masks, or if they just let the juices dissolve them?
  6. No wonder there are so many Subways. And no wonder one will tell you they haven't received a cheese shipment for weeks, while the one down the road has all the cheese in the world.
  7. Because everyone knows lawyers can be trusted not to cheat.
  8. I just did a quick little run to McDonald's with my son and flipped the "sport" switch. Pretty damn fun! My son's kind of mad at me now, though. Yeah @Road Guy the 4Runner is 4 years old now, still nice. The 6 is growing on me fast, though. Not sure how it would fare in a place that experiences winter.
  9. In the three years I was there, I think there were three deaths in the communities I covered related to that. All drunk, didn't make it home, found frozen.
  10. LOL. I've had this conversation before, both sober and drunk. I am still undecided. I've lived in the arctic, the desert, the tropics, and more temperate climates. I think my experience in the arctic makes me lean toward "hot", but only because you're less likely to die if you get locked out of your house. But for comfort purposes, I think I'd rather be a little on the cold side, but not too much (like, never dropping below 20 F)
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