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  1. what if they know something you don't know...
  2. I guess not pain, but more achy and sore. If it’s pain stop. For me getting my hips to open up and my piriformis to release keeps my low back happy. it’s good you are at least doing mobility for warm ups but some extra curricular mobility helps. I hate mobility work, I would rather just do a dynamic warm up then go lift. I have to force myself to do mobility pre work out and then some yoga before bed.
  3. the more you post on this thread increases your cut score.
  4. Close your eyes and have someone push you from behind. The leg that you put forward first should be the one.
  5. A bigger arch could help. How is your mobility? tight hip flexors can cause pain in your lower back especially when you are trying to arch, you hip flexors fight against you. When my low back flares it is because i have been skipping out on mobility and yoga. I will look back at my training log and most of the time right about the time my low back gets angry I notice I have skipped out on yoga for a few weeks. a strong core does a lot to alleviate back pain.
  6. you should totally try to crossfit at the globo gym and see how long it takes to get kicked out!
  7. I have been lazy and slacking. Feels like i am starting over after taking eight months off from training. any training i have done has been sporadic, hard to make gainz when you go hard for a week then take two weeks off. Back to linear progression and progressive overloading.
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