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  1. Decided to watch after all the posts about it. Scary how things can have unintended side effects. interesting watch. We already limit internet usage, no social media, no cellphones (minisnick has old samsung but it is not attached to a calling plan. Just a small tablet essentially) wish I could just delete youtube completely but the teachers are using you tube videos for this whole remote teaching business so they don't have to teach science or read books aloud and the school district has started using youtube instead of FB live for broadcasting meetings and such.
  2. Not that far in the series yet. hadnt heard about that one. just finished the first season of no Mary Berry
  3. the producers switched tv to channel 4. Mel/sue/Mary had BBC contracts and/or were loyal to BBC.
  4. I just started season 4. While they embellish the story, they are set on true events. I did learn a bit about history that I didn't know.
  5. A good college friend's college education was paid for by her grandma's keen investment in a young man named John Deere.
  6. we try to avoid short term stocks, IL has a killer tax rate of 25% on everything sold that was held for less than a year. We aren't quite savvy enough to make the tax slaughter worth the effort. We have gotten burned on some oil and gas things, but longer term is where most of ours is or things that pay healthy dividends. disney, verizon, etc. We invested in Netflix at the right time. We cashed out the initial investment and everything now is strictly profit.
  7. Watched the preview for the Queen's gambit...looks decent. Nothing christmas/winter related until after thanksgiving here.
  8. it's my grandma's recipe. solid Crisco, flour, water, and a pinch of salt.
  9. you use butter in pie crust? THe honey cake looks yummy
  10. We need wood, everything we have been burning lately is leaves and brush type stuff. When we cleared out the tree line this summer we fell a couple of dead trees but as that picture shows we burned all of it ASAP the termite damage was too much to let sit around.
  11. true, we don't have quite the same issue here
  12. We didn't get to vote on it since we are not within city limits, but the city had to put it on the ballot before they could move forward. Recreational weed. We already have medicinal allowed. Hell we have a huge grow house in the industrial park, so it makes sense to expand the operation.
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