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  1. Thank you for detail information. That mean definitely we should use searchable codes and reference materials to practice for the CBT exam.
  2. Hi Do you still have NECS book and handbook? Please let me know as I want to buy. Thanks
  3. Please let me know ASAP by replying email to Thank you
  4. Thank you very much for your information. Let me know how is the situation for the CBT after you finish. Thank you
  5. Hi Dothracki, Thank you very much for your reference materials lists. I am very new to this forum, and currently try to applied all the paper work done before NCEES PE exam. I hope I can gather all the documents first (yellow highlight) either hard copy or soft copy (I prefer soft copy as we will sit at CBT) and can search with control+F. One more question for you and all seniors: I am currently a professional engineer in British Columbia, Canada and I would like to apply PE in Texas with electrical: Power for the job requirement. To get some PE references to write supplementary
  6. Hi Surf and Snow, Did you still have all of your reference notes and study materials? Please let me know if I can purchase or share with me as I am preparing for CBT exam. Thanks in advance.
  7. If someone want to sell study/reference materials for electrical (power) please let me know. I am planning to write for CBT exam. Thanks
  8. Hi Can you please share new book or old book pdf version for practice exam to me? I am still thinking whether I should purchase or not due to CBT exam. Thanks.
  9. So, CBT exam will be closed book exam in Texas? Confirmed already? That mean cant bring study reference materials? But can we search pdf on computer? If yes, we need to practice by using pdf instead of hard copy book to easily find the location? Anyone, want to see all study materials for PE electrical power and I am gathering study materials. Thanks.
  10. Hi Did you already take Power CBT exam? How is it go? Which study materials did you use? I am looking to purchase study/reference materials and if someone passed the exam, and want to sell, please let me know. Thanks
  11. Hi I am nishan, currently planning NCEES PE exam to apply PE in Texas, Discipline: Electrical: Power exam. Any guide, reference materials, for me to take note for Computer Base Test? Thanks in advance.
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