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  1. @naonao @jean15paul_PE Thank you so much. Your additional suggested resources are ones I will pick up for this go round, along with my DTC recap. I think I definitely would have benefited from more practice exams and problems. Thank you both for the additional support, resources, suggestions and encouragement. I no longer feel alone in this.
  2. Hello to you as well, @jean15paul_PE. Congrats on your PE! Thank you for finding time to dig through obscure forum posts and reply to me. Hey don't feel bad, I'm looking to be humbled and push forward, not defend a failed test. :) I appreciate the bluntness. I sure wish I could calculate my score from this but even then what would that help? I think you are spot on that I basically need to hit everything again, I just didn't want to accept it at first. I have only been out of school 5 years so I admittedly should've done better. I work as a Design Engineer and honestly much of what the co
  3. Introduction and Main Question Hi all, this forum has been a tremendously helpful one during my PE exam prep. As you may be able to tell from my title, I recently failed my PE exam, first attempt. I was not expecting this but was prepared for it. Alas, I will carry on. I wondered if anyone could help me decipher my diagnostic report? It seems to have much less information than I was hoping for compared to others who have shared. The report says it is not possible to determine the # of questions I answered correctly, but only have this infographic below. How did I prepare? I used
  4. Just wanted to piggyback on this. I failed and used DTC as my sole resource. After walking out of the exam I felt somewhat underprepared as if I didn't even get to use half of what his course prepared me for. I think I was in the "luck of the draw" category as to which concentration of questions I got. As you mentioned, there was a whiff of MERM and references to other sources during his lessons, but by no means did DTC encourage spending large amounts of time on anything other than the course. He strictly warns not to deviate from the course materials, so I did not. I found the real exam to b
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