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  1. If you're passing your classes, you're definitely not in over your head. Getting an engineering degree is hard! Everybody who is not a savant struggles with at least some classes. It took me 3 tries to pass numerical methods with a C. If you are "struggling in this one class," continue studying engineering because that's normal. You will be valuable as an engineer especially with your experience as a machinist. If you are failing classes, then maybe consider something easier.
  2. @meganI got a reassuring response from NCEES. "This (PE) exam is a national exam and the results are accepted by all boards, regardless of who approved you to take it and where you sat for the exam." Florida Board of Professional Engineers said something to the same effect.
  3. Does anybody know if Florida specifically allows out-of-state PE exams? I'm concerned about a friend who's scheduled to take it in Georgia. FBPE's website implies that you can and this page doesn't say you can't but IDK. Nothing along the way ever indicated to her that it would be a problem. I'm just now hearing that some states don't recognize out-of-state exams.
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