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  1. A lot of people have the same comment about reza’s book That it is good but lacks content, but I think one thing people don’t mention is he does give you his cell number. While I was studying I would call or text him multiple times and his explanation helped me out a lot. I passed the surveying exam first try. I highly recommend rezas class.
  2. Update on my previous comment. I received the wall cert in the mail yesterday, but not the plastic card. I think the paper card we are supposed to laminate is all we get?
  3. You’ll get your results this month. I took my exam on August 31st and got my results the next month.
  4. Please let us know once the forum is up. I would like to read the messages for resources.
  5. I’m curious if anyone has received this mysterious email yet lol. And as for the wall cert, the people who passed in July just got their wall certs, so I’d expect ours in another month.
  6. No, so long as you submitted your packet and passed all the exams you should be ok. I called the board after I passed all my exams to make sure they had everything. Also asked how long to receive my license number and cert. I’m an impatient person lol
  7. I got my number but no email. Are we supposed to receive an email?
  8. the last number is still 91753. I periodically look up 91754 to see if they have update it yet. No such luck yet. 😔
  9. Lol well it’s tough to be sure what happens next since their website doesn’t say anything about when license numbers are issued and the test result email has even less info.
  10. Just wanted to relay some info I was given by the board. I got impatient and called the board to make sure they had all my info and passing test results. They informed me that yes, they would be sending all the names this Friday to distribute numbers, but that the website might not be updated till Wednesday of the following week. So here’s to hoping they update the website Friday 🤞🏽
  11. I too would like to know seeing as I would like to take this exam one day.
  12. I used hiner for the seismic exam. I took it in July and passed as well. I only used his book, asce 7-10 and the CBC. Felt very good after the exam and passed first try. Though I had started studying with his class and book since late March before everything got shutdown so I studied a lot lol.
  13. I received my surveying results on Monday late in the afternoon.
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