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  1. @HealthcareNut - maybe you could call the Florida state board to double-check for her? I was able to confirm this with Colorado DORA relatively easily.
  2. Now that the PE exams are transitioning to CBT, do we still need to take the CBT exam in the same state where we intend to get our PE stamp? Or are we allowed to take the exam out-of-state without throwing a wrench into our in-state application process? The Pearson VUE test center in my city looks backlogged from the pandemic, and some of the out-of-state options seem enticing. I plan to email my state board about this, but figured I would ask here too to see if any of the other testers have already encountered this with their CBT exams.
  3. You're the best in the business, Zach! I would love a paper copy of your practice exam.
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