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  1. Beware, NCEES provided reference manual has errors in their steam table. Saturation pressure of water at 65F should be 0.3. See,, and/or for supporting documents. Additionally, we should be able to recognize the provided chart as incorrect as pressure is directly proportional to the temperature
  2. Hi, I am trying to understand the "why" to question 503 for the HVAC&R PE Practice exam (2017). "Air flowing at a rate of 4800 cfm and initially at 80F / 67F passes through a spray of lithium chloride and water solution that has stabilized at 100F. Assume 0.05 bypass factor for the spray chamber and zero inceident gains/losses. THe leaving air dry bulb temperatures is most nearly:" A - 87F B - 90F C - 94F D - 99F There is no information on the flow rate of the solution nor does the question provide any additional, useful, information.
  3. How would we get from 38 F ADP to 51db/52wb supply air? Would we have injected hot water vapor after the cooling coil?
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