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  1. This is the greatest move a band could ever make at this scenario!
  3. There's no banning in this game, that's a different thread.
  4. My coworkers do the same at lunch. I don't understand why. I'm perfectly fine eating by myself at my desk for now.
  5. I love green energy and wish there was more of it. Unfortunately those who make those decisions to put it in at the top are often put off by the increase in cost. These site seems to have some information. (this one had some free PDF publications) I haven't really had a need for researching but I can probably help out more if you need it after my PE exam in December. I actually get my power through arcadia power which matches 50% of my utility usag
  6. What is going on in the North/Northwest? 20% of Montana's total cases have been reported in the last week and Wisconsin reported over 20,000 cases in the last week.
  7. I had some complaints about the title the thread where I last posted this. But I wanted to get a thread going (hopefully this isn't adding another unneeded thread) but wanted to start this thread so we can continue the dialogue related to the new exam format. Come December, we can start to use this thread to share our experiences similar to what has been done for ME exams (keeping in mind the NCEES rules/regulations!!!). Check out the tutorials and demo on the website below, it demonstrates what the CBT exam will look like on the screen including references
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