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  1. So how was it? Did CPESR prepare you well?? Would you recommend it?
  2. Phew!!! Good to be done with it. Thank you so much 😄
  3. Please dont feel that way. I was from structures background and felt I had 50/50 chance with seismic. And before this test I had to take the 8-hour PE thrice. The third time around I had literally given up. I know it feels too bad. I was in that situation and used to take me months to come in terms with it. So just hang-in there and may be take a break. If you are looking for recommendations then I would suggest AEI. It prepared me really well and the problems in the text book and in the practice tests were top notch. I feel Hiner problems were bit easy and tricky.
  4. Thank you so much. I just didn't want to celebrate prematurely, because that could have been even worse if the result was in negative. I had used AEI. I believe it prepared me well. Dr Ahmed is a brilliant educator. I did have a panic attack in the test as I didn't know if I was pacing through the test at the right speed or I was slow. The user interface of the test was bit weird and that definitely threw me off. The N95 mask created a quite a distraction because I started feeling bit breathless. I though I had 50/50 chance but good to be on the passing side. Phew!!! One more s
  5. Hello Everyone, I am confused with the result notice. It says a green Pass in Table 1 but it also tells so many other things in the letter like reexamination and stuff. Because in PE Exam the areas of the test are only discussed if you fail. So can anyone tell me if I passed or failed?
  6. I have one PE who moved to another company that I can ask to provide a reference. So that makes it 4 and then I will ask my EIT colleague to do it. Hopefully it works out.
  7. I have Company president who is a PE, and other two bosses who are a PE and an SE. All three have been supervising my work since I started. I just don't know what to do with other two references.
  8. Hello Members, I was about to start my Oregon PE application and saw that it requires 5 references out of which 3 should be PEs. I work in a small company with three other PEs, but I am not sure what I should be doing for the two more references. Does other office staff like HR etc be references or should can of the EITs who is in the company before a reference. Please let me know what you think or have done before.
  9. @IAMNOTAPEYET did you use any reference or classes for Surveying> If yes do you have any recommendations? Thanks.
  10. My application just got cleared by the board. Even I am wondering as to what is the best prep material for Surveying. It would be great if anyone who took tests recently can pitch-in.
  11. Hello Members, The discussion on Surveying classes, books are quite old on the forum and was wondering if anyone of had recent experience with the test and prep classes in 2020. I am looking for recommendations for Surveying in terms of books, classes etc. And also any general rule of thumb wrt to gap between the seismic and surveying test?
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