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  1. took my FE at 20 took my PE at 24
  2. nice the slay material looks nice and straight forward. reminds me of the justin kuwali book i would also go for simply taking additional books from which to study rather than go for a review course
  3. i thought the FE was changed to be geared more toward your own discipline? as far as the course issue is concerned, whether taking a course is worthwhile is entirely up to you. are you better at self study vs having a professor? the answer to that question essentially answers yours.
  4. yes, way over. stop the work and live with family until you get your degree. there is no reason to make engineering school any harder than it already it. At very least limit your class load to no more than one tough class and up to 2 classes per semester.
  5. i am looking to get certified by ASPE for CPD anyone who is a member or has taken the exam, i'd like to chat
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