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  1. maybe I'll surprise you, but I really love Mondays)
  2. Why not? let's talk) you are right today online dating and online dating are popular
  3. I'm currently watching "Why women kill"
  4. For me, all are pretty hard, but the environmental is more complicated. And only in the construction was it easier for me. I chose this industry because I know about the shortage of workers in this industry, and I was attracted by the wages and prospects for the future. I want to start my career in Malaysia, as I see it as a very promising country in the field of construction. Their government has developed and implemented a number of development plans, and they currently have an era of prosperity in the industry. I study information and recently found interesting work over he
  5. In the first part, everything is more clear, but I still need to repeat everything. Thanks for recommending the book, I'll surely read it. There're more questions on the second part. I've always been not good at writing, therefore I turned to this service for help but I want to improve my skills, for this I bought a book by Gary Provost "100 way to improve your writing", hope it'll help. Thank you for sharing Derek
  6. Hello, guys! I'm new here. Glad to be a member of this community
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