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  1. I think that may be true of global emails and promotions (e.g. "Dan has started a conversation with you"), but surely not of instigated posts, which is different to contribution.
  2. I was recently told that the reason ISPs don't know about customer line faults is that they cannot constantly test their customers lines, if on a copper network, because it takes down the connection during the test (so tests are conducted during the night). However, a fibre backbone network can apparently be monitored in real time for faults so that customers do not have to alert their ISP, as the connection is maintained.
  3. Thanks for the solid info. I like your avatar
  4. Why does the "Follow Topic" toggle switch at the bottom (when posting a new topic) default to off ? Surely a poster would almost always be interested in follow up responses to a post of which they instigated.
  5. My broadband provider tells me that I should not place anything between my broadband router and the power outlet as it could interfere with the workings of their internet router. This hocus-pocus attitude was also taken with a fellow renter in the same building as myself, where I used a remote plug to reset the router periodically as it was always struggling and in a too high a place to easily reach. My view was that her computer didn't have a 5Ghz arial and so had to use the crowded 2.4Ghz band, and her laptop was old, and she was an idiot too. However, my ISP says that they cannot test
  6. Kohler the company produce a simplistic perpendicular designed outlet, flush from the wall, which produces a crystal clear jet of water for use in the domestic bathroom environment: I would like to know how much control could be had from a static system regarding where the flow would finish? I understand that there are very strict principles to be observed in order to achieve the Laminar effect and it doesn't seem like there would be much room for manoeu
  7. Usually drinking water fountains are pathetic things and quite unappealing. Assuming that the fountain could be guaranteed to be clean (members only) people wouldn't be so afraid to use one. However, to make it more appealing, rather than a little winkle of a squirt, I think that the visual appeal of crystal clear Laminar flowing water would be a big step in disarming people's fears. However, the entire flow must be in a single direction to achieve this and I should imagine that such a sensitive area as the mouth wouldn't appreciate the full force of the water hitting it directly. However
  8. I have questions that I do not have answers to, please be kind.
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