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  1. In May I passed the ME PE MDM using this latest edition of the MERM. I found the MERM to be very helpful to study. I bought it brand new straight from PPI2PASS. I almost never opened it because I used the digital version. The link below is my eBay listing. If you prefer to purchase some other way DM me. I also have the Mechanical Engineering Practice Problems 14th Edition if you want to buy that also. I was too lazy to post on eBay yet. I would personally recommend studying both. I hope it helps you in your struggle against the PE. Best of luck. http://ebay.us/dMTHhU?cmpnId=533827
  2. @ChooChooEngineer_PE Before I took the test I posted about the errors in the handbook v1.1 here:
  3. @CoolEngr Yeah it is really nice. CBT results officially take 7-10 days to finalize. Mine was faster. They send you an email when the results are posted and you can check on your MyNCEES account.
  4. @BuffaloWings I don't know, it never occurred to me to try any wildcards. The search works sort of like asterisk by default because you can search a partial word and it will find all occurrences of that partial string. When you search it will show you a list of all the string matches in context of the word so you will know what word the string appears in. This video by NCEES shows exactly how it works: @Abogos I felt like you don't HAVE to memorize equations, but it will speed you up to memorize the common ones. Knowing where to find the complex ones
  5. NCEES just told me I passed. Whew, what a tremendous relief. Best of luck to everyone! @Abogos I don't have any personal experience with the PE pencil-and-paper exam, although my FE was paper back in the day. Its pretty much the same except that the searchable handbook is faster/easier than using a physical book. But you do need to know the handbook really, really well to do the look up in time. No surprises, although I used the the PPI Learning Hub to prep and it is exhaustive. PPI LH is really brutal, but if you get through it your chances on the test are good. Sorry to hear they are closed
  6. Hey @BuffaloWings and @cjohnson thank you for the well wishes! To answer your question regarding the reference manual, I felt that a vast majority of what you need to reference is in there. However, to finish in time you basically need to immediately know what section of the handbook you must reference, at least on most questions. Searching without knowing what section/equation is relevant will eat up a lot of time. You can do it occasionally, but it can take 2-4 minutes up of your 6 minute allocation. I had memorized what word to search that was unique to each section and problem type in
  7. @BuffaloWings It's finally over! Woo! I am pretty confident I passed. The testing process was very smooth. Got to the Pearson VUE center at 6:50a, one of the two the proctor arrived around 7:10 and they started me going by 7:40. I found it be be slightly harder than the NCEES practice test and much easier than the PPI practice tests. I finished with 40 minutes to spare and checked some work although I was pretty brain dead at that point. All the Pearson VUE employees were excellent. I'm so relieved its over. Today is the first weekend day that I haven't had to study during for like 4 months.
  8. @BuffaloWings Yeah I got that email from Pearson VUE last night also, it seems to clarify what happened. Luckily it seems that by immediately rescheduling after they did the temporary placeholder we are good to go. I'll let you know if May 2nd happens for me.
  9. @BuffaloWings I checked my date through Pearson VUE and I noticed the exact same thing as you report. It was moved to June something and the location was 'Montana' of something weird. I noticed a lot of availability too at my original location so I moved mine to May 2nd now. I emailed NCEES with this: MyNCEES is showing "NCEES is currently unable to display your exam appointment details. Select Manage Appointment to view your appointment in the Pearson VUE scheduling system." Pearson VUE is showing my test date as May 2nd at:Pearson Professional Centers-Pembroke Pines FL7369 Sheridan St.Sui
  10. @BuffaloWings No, I have not gotten anything else about it. Only thing that changed was on MyNCEES it used to say May 13th, but now says 'NCEES is currently unable to display your exam appointment details. Select Manage Appointment to view your appointment in the Pearson VUE scheduling system.' Did yours change too? Also, what do you think this bit means? "Please note that NCEES examinees are not able to reschedule through the Pearson VUE website as instructed in the Pearson VUE email. Impacted examinees, including those with special accommodations, must reschedule through their M
  11. For Florida NCEES sent this out today: "We’re happy to let you know that test delivery to a subset of Pearson VUE test centers is scheduled to resume with reduced capacity on May 1. However, Pearson VUE must cancel most appointments currently scheduled for May to meet newly implemented social distancing guidelines. Appointments are extremely limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Although additional test centers will open as soon as possible, reduced capacity will be in place system-wide for the foreseeable future."
  12. I bought PPI's Learning Hub program that comes with the MERM and MEPP. Those are really good resources and I only paid $350 for them for 6 months of access. I would not pay for those classes they have since the MERM and MEPP will teach you to pass the test. I took the NCEES practice test in December and bombed it hard (~30/80). Apparently I did not remember much from college. After 5 months studying about 400 hours I retook it and got a 78/80. It's probably the best bang for your buck. If you don't want to spend money I recommend this guys Youtube channel. It only covers a subsection of the te
  13. Wow!! Thank you so much! This is a way better answer than any I got during undergrad and grad school. I think I follow everything you've laid out. It may take a while to wrap my mind around it conceptually, but it seems like the big take away that I will need for the PE (I'm taking the MDM test so a problem like this is unlikely to appear and should be simple enough if it does) is that an open system will require Cp and a closed system will require Cv. Is that a good general assumption?
  14. How do you know when to use Cv vs. Cp? I read the below and it makes complete sense to me, but if I'm given an air flow heater problem how do I know if the system is at fixed volume or fixed pressure? "Cv for a gas is the change in internal energy (U) of a system with respect to change in temperature at a fixed volume of the system i.e. Cv =(∂ U/∂ T)v whereas Cp for a gas is the change in the enthalpy (H) of the system with respect to change in temperature at a fixed pressure of the system i.e Cp = (∂ H/∂ T)p. We know that, ΔH = ΔU + PΔV (+ VΔP, ΔP=0 for constant pressure) .
  15. Ok cool, I've been sending them in as I find them. Don Colman from NCEES is probably tired of me by now haha. I'll post the ones I've found below. I could be incorrect in my diagnosis so please let me know if I goofed. #1 Pg. 157 The 'Vibration Transmissibility' equation should not have the r^2 in front of the equation. One of the PPI problems alerted me to this. I also found a second reference without the r^2: https://nptel.ac.in/content/storage2/nptel_data3/html/mhrd/ict/text/112107212/lec18.pdf #2 Pg. 60 Under 'Equivalent Masses', the equation/diagram for 'Masses on a hinged bar
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