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  1. Felt pretty good about the morning. The afternoon....we'll see. I feel like the concrete problem is really gonna make or break my chance at passing, was definitely caught off guard with that one. Just 8 short weeks until we get the results!
  2. sol_ring


    Could they have made this any more ambiguous? Do they need to get to 25 people or under? Can they open another room? If they do have to cancel exams, how will they decide? Will they give priority to lateral-only takers? Really didn't need this 2 days before the exam lol.
  3. sol_ring


    Welp, better now that April I suppose. Besides, how hard can it be to retain all this information for 7 months? 🤔
  4. sol_ring


    If I get all the way through the AEI lateral course only to have the exam cancelled...I'm not sure what I'll do but I won't be happy lol.
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