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  1. Now they're on 91989, only 9 more than they had 2 weeks ago. This makes me think they still have a full "batch" which might get processed soon. Hopefully it doesn't take til 11/20/20.
  2. For the surveying, I can't really make a recommendation. I used the PPI book (Cole) but I also had some background experience. Would not recommend the PPI book. I still passed the first try but the book seemed unfinished and I had to go to youtube to flesh out a lot of the concepts. Luckily there is tons of info available online for surveying (at least compared to seismic). I think surveying is easier of the 2 to grasp. The problems can get a bit complicated but at the end of the day its geometry and the example problems usually involve pictures. For the Seismic exam, Hiner was rea
  3. I wouldn't bother trying to use the DMS function. Just do the math each time. Once you have it committed to muscle memory its faster than fiddling with calculator menus. For instance if you want to convert 41°29'58" to decimal, type: 41+29/60+58/3600=41.4994. Or if you want to convert 41.4994 to DMS: D=41. 41.4994-41=.4994. ans*60=29.964 which means M=29 ans-29=.964 ans*60=57.84 which means S=58
  4. Ugh I passed both tests but I'm still not on there. Did you all get a congratulatory email or anything?
  5. Hopefully we will see license numbers on the website this Friday.
  6. Also check out Simmy Sigma on youtube if you are having trouble with the horizontal/vertical/compound curves. He was a godsend for me. https://www.youtube.com/c/SimmySigma/videos
  7. How did you do on the EET/CPESR practice tests? Also did you already pass seismic?
  8. No they are still holding them in person at Prometric testing centers. The only thing that has changed because of the pandemic is that the 3rd and 4th quarters have been combined into a single, 6-month testing period.
  9. I'll hope for Oct 12, but I wouldn't bet on anything sooner than Oct 19.
  10. 1. Mid August. 2. I think 55%-65% for surveying, depending on the quarter. 3. Take the seismic before December. The results always come mid-month after you take the exam. So if you take the exam in December, you won't get your results back until mid January. This means if you fail, you wouldn't be able to retake it until quarter 2 (April-June 2021). 4. I'm just starting to studying seismic as well but it seems more difficult so far. 5. You can buy it on the hiner website or find someone on here who is selling an old copy. Just make sure the one you get is up to date.
  11. Thats super weird. I always figured the surveying and seismic tests were just one of many "modules" that prometric could run as long as they have a computer open. Its strange that they would have different openings.
  12. Good point. I didn't read it that way but you might be right. Maybe CAPLS could clarify?
  13. https://www.prometric.com/sites/default/files/2020-05/CA Civil Engineering Surveying CIB 5.12.20.pdf https://www.prometric.com/sites/default/files/2020-06/CA Civil Seismic Principles CIB 6.8.20.pdf
  14. From the prometric website: * Due to the temporary closure of the exam sites in parts of Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 as a result of Covid-19, a one-time modification is being made to the testing availability for the remainder of 2020. Quarters 3 and 4 will be merged into one six-month window to accommodate all eligible candidates. **Candidates are eligible to test only once during the six-month window. So if you were planning on taking one test in Q3 and another in Q4, you might out of luck. Also if you, like me, were planning to take an exam in August, see the results in September, a
  15. So if I originally scheduled for Q2 and still haven't received an ATT should I be concerned?
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