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  1. Anyone know how this works in New York State?
  2. Thank you. I worked it out again and realized my mistake.
  3. Sorry this is from the 2011 Exam (not 2001)
  4. Could someone please explain why the solution just added the radiation and convection heat transfer coefficients instead of treating them like resistors in parallel?
  5. @Mecha Thank you for the information. Do you have any tips or suggestions on time saving techniques when taking the CBT Exam. Obviously, the more you formulas that you don’t need to look up in the Reference Manual the more time you will save.
  6. My exam is officially under 2 weeks away. Any tips or suggestions for down the stretch?
  7. Oh alright. My exam is in a few weeks. I’ll check out the videos you have available for review of the material this weekend.
  8. Do you have a schedule or timeframe when all 50 videos will be complete and available?
  9. Thank you, I understand the differences. Just curious why one would be choose over the other and vise versa in different scenarios.
  10. Why would you want to use a Open Feedwater vs Closed Feedwater Heater and vice versa?
  11. @Ijoinedbecausecovid Do they let you use asterisks or wildcards when searching the manual?
  12. @Ijoinedbecausecovid Congratulations! I bet you feel 100 times better now that it is over. I’m struggling to keep up the studying with not knowing If my exam will keep being delayed because of the Restrictions in NY. Did you feel like you had to be familiar with topics, equations, references, etc that were not included in their provided reference manual?
  13. @Ijoinedbecausecovid Check your email ASAP. I just received an email saying that I was automatically reschedule 30 days in a temporal placeholder. This must be why it was showing it messed up for both of us last night.
  14. How should someone decide when looking at a problem on the PE Exam if they should solve the problem using variable or constant specific heats. There have been some practice problems where they have not identified a Cold Air Ideal or Standard assumptions and I used the variable specific heat method but calculated the wrong answer because they used constant specific heat.
  15. @Ijoinedbecausecovid Thanks for the info! Please let me know if your May exam happens as scheduled or not. I’m getting anxious for mine ha. Good luck if it does!
  16. Yeah mine changed automatically to a random date in the wrong state and city. I was able to change it back to my original date in May and noticed there were a lot more dates available in May, June and July. It made me think they had some kind of Computer glitch that cancelled a bunch of people’s appointments. I haven’t received an email though saying my exam has officially been cancelled though. The only way I am aware of rescheduling your exam date is to go through the Manage Appointment button on the NCEES site which redirects you to Pearson.
  17. @Ijoinedbecausecovid I received the same email. Do you know if your exam will need to be rescheduled or not?
  18. Does anyone in NY have a test in May that has not been cancelled yet? Mine is scheduled for May 19th and I don’t know if it will be cancelled or not with the PAUSE Order ending on May 15th.
  19. I think the solution they have does it a little different. They use the outside enthalpy and calculate the outside heating load.
  20. Just reviewed this problem again and noticed your leaving air temperature is wrong. The solution manual had it as 55F DB / 51.7F WB. I think you forgot to include the outside heating load?
  21. Also, how important is it to understand how to use the “Heat of Reactants” equation?
  22. I find some of the Combustion & Fuel problems difficult. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions or know of any good YouTube videos to help study from?
  23. Answer is B. I can post their solution if needed.
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