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  1. Congratulations NCHomebrewer! I feel like we have almost been on the journey together. Glad to see that your hard work has paid off. When you say "Companion problem book" do you mean the "PE Environmental Practice" book of problems? The last time that I took the exam I felt like qualitative questions were my downfall also. Would you mind expounding on how you prepared for them better this go round? Personally, I have read through the Lindeberg book and now I am going back through my notes to keep the qualitative material fresh.
  2. Hello everyone! I took the Environmental PE exam on Dec. 23rd and failed. 😕 Before my exam, I took the PPI2Pass live online class and worked as many extra questions as I could. I felt like I was adequately prepared for the quantitative questions but sorely unprepared for the qualitative. I am just now getting back in the saddle and this time I took to the internet first to find some advice, which landed me here (thank you all for the thread). I saw what some of you recommended, but I was curious if anyone had suggestions on things to study to better prepare me for the qualitative ma
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