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  1. This explains the different license number i got.
  2. I searched by First name and Last name and picked the Professional Engineer from he drop down.
  3. Below is the screenshot from the lookup site. The number I got is of 8 digits. Its weird.
  4. The license numbers are now available in the license lookup link.
  5. This wait is quite frustrating. The new salary revision started in my firm and I do not have any proof of my result. On a side note, is there a place we know how many PEs are licensed each year statewide for each discipline. Thanks
  6. Do you guys know how to order the Stamp and register for Electronic version so that we can stamp the PDF directly.
  7. Sorry to hear that you didnt pass. I took transportation PM and passed this time. This was my 2nd attempt. My first time score was 47/80. I took course offered by Dr Mansour. It is the most elaborate and comprehensive Transportation course I know. It was worth the $700. After taking his course, I was very confident in the afternoon session. His books have all the important tables from AASSHTO, Road design guide, MUTCD etc. I didn't need any other references besides his reference books. Do not loose faith. Good luck
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